Engineering and Information

Information as a key to cognition, associated with matter and energy in the episodic, historical and physical space-time.

  • The semantic web from the Iconic Information Theory and the STC (Three-dimensional Cognition System)

Neuroscience and Psychology

Awareness: sum of specific states of consciousness, with knowledge and multi-code information.

  • The Semantic Functional Theory and its application in homes of elderly people who live alone. Cognitive accessibility and non-invasive cognitive prostheses for people with Intellectual Disability (ID). (Doctoral thesis under preparation) 

Genomics and Complexity

The materialization of information in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

  • Chaos, Networks, Complexity and Structures

Technological Innovation and Heuristics

Research and discovery as tools for advancing theories and technologies (from the trial and error method to the search of the most delicate, refined and sophisticated tools and instrumentation, such as the “Psychophysics of Signals in the processing of sensory and cognitive information “).

  • The Epistemology of Incompleteness, Incommensurability and Indetermination.