Benigno Moreno, with a Master’s degree and Engineering studies from the UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), has developed his career in various fieldsincluding Engineering in Medical Devices and Neuropsychology, which is the most relevant for this current project.

He collaborated with the Ave Maria Foundation (FAM) of intellectually disabled people in the creation of the Medicine Dosing Unit (2004-2007) for inmates in institutions with large pharmacological movement and high risk of use of different types and doses of medicines. This unit job consists in automating the preparation and delivery of unit doses for each patient using the identification of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) in the unit dose, as well as the barcode and/or biometric identification of the fingerprint of the therapist and the patient. For this work, the College of Engineers of Barcelona gives him the 2006 Innovation Prize.

Also the FAM, the University of Middlesex (UK), Biomechanics Institute of Valencia and the Faculty of Psychology of the UB (among other organizations), have developed the Armoni project (2006-2007), which includes a Multimedia Unit with Cognitive Stimulation (7 units in 6 centers) and the option of integration with Brain Computer Interaction systems, incorporating to the monitoring unit a wireless electroencephalography helmet (EEG), robotic pets and other potential applications for the stimulation of intellectually disabled people.

Benigno belongs to the board of the Foundation of the Robotics Institute for Dependency, founded in 2014.

From 2015 to 2017 he completed the Master’s Degree in Cognition and Behavior Research at the University of Barcelona, ​​with the thesis <Sensory-cognitive interaction in the visual domain>.

His current goal is to develop integrative models of brain activity, establishing applications that will allow, in the future, to develop medical systems and devices for people with intellectual disabilities in particular, and applications in cognitive psychology in general, using the cerebral and mental representations as a basis of these models.

He is also currently preparing the PhD Thesis at the University of Barcelona in the area of ​​intellectual disability with Dr. José Gutierrez-Maldonado (Chair of Clinical Psychology) and Dr. Antoni Rodriguez -Fornells (from Bellvitge Research Center).

Barcelona, ​​April 2019


Benigno Moreno Vidales


Barcelona (España)